For over 40 years, we have offered a tailored approach to leave management. We’re experts in our field.

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We lead the industry with seamless outsourcing and innovative software.

If you have 10,000 or more employees and want to outsource leave management, or if you have 5,000 or more employees and want a software solution that works enterprise-wide, ReedGroup is the partner you can trust.

You can also co-source our services and have the best of both worlds. You’ll get the advantage of our absence management software, LeavePro®, while you retain certain absence administration services in-house. We’ll take care of the rest of your leaves.

We work with HR departments, in-house counsel and employers to offer peace of mind and exceptional employee experiences. And, if you’re a leave management consultant, we can help your clients across the entire leave continuum including paid leave solutions, workers comp, and more.

Types of Leave We Manage

  • Self-funded Short-Term Disability and Long-Term Disability.
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • State job protection leaves
  • State paid disability and family leaves
  • Company-specific leaves (jury duty, caregiver, personal leaves etc.)
  • ADA leave as an accommodation
  • ADA Workplace accommodations
  • Military Leave (USERRA)
  • Intermittent FMLA
  • Workers’ Compensation (Partnership with CorVel)

Let’s find the right solution for your leave needs.

We help consultants, employers and employees have the information, resources and support needed to navigate the leave process confidently. Let’s talk about how our absence management solutions can help you.

What’s your role?

From simple to complex questions or cases, we provide caring, expert every step of the way during the leave of absence process…because your employees’ experience matters.

Unburden Your HR Team

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Remove the complexities of managing leaves and absences.

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Receive timely determinations for employees.

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Increase your HR team’s productivity with more time to focus on employees.

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Help employees navigate the leave of absence process with clear, simple steps and technology that makes their experience easier.

Gain Peace of Mind

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Accurate information, provided in a timely manner.

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Our expert, in-house team of compliance experts works to keep your program current with ever-changing regulations and laws.

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Determinations are backed by evidence-based medicine and supported by an experienced clinical team.

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Your company’s workforce thrives.

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