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All of us at Reed Group are very pleased to announce that we have renewed and extended our partnership with The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM), the leading medical professional society in occupational health.

ACOEM’s Practice Guidelines Internet platform (APG-I) will be offered along with our return-to-work durations guidelines on our portal. Reed Group and ACOEM guidelines also will be available to software providers and content aggregators in an easy-to-integrate XML-based web services format.

California is First of New State-Specific Guidelines Feature

And here’s more exciting news: For individual states, Reed Group and ACOEM will be rolling out an upgraded APG-I Plus platform that allows users access to state-specific guidelines. California will be the first state-specific guidelines released and will be available on March 1 with other state-specific guidelines to follow.

Using Duration and Treatment Guidelines Together Improves Outcomes

We’re very pleased with this agreement because the market has embraced the benefits of using duration guidelines and treatment guidelines together.

ACOEM’s rigorous evidence-based approach is critical to achieving prompt return to work, reduced costs and healthier employees. Both of our organizations’ commitment to quality of content is highlighted in our products, and the integrated version is unmatched in the marketplace today for workers’ compensation and disability case management. It’s a win-win for all return-to-work stakeholders.

In our joint announcement ACOEM Executive Director Barry Eisenberg said: “ACOEM is thrilled at the continuing partnership with Reed Group. Reed Group’s capabilities and vision are critical to serving injured workers. Coupled with ACOEM’s unending commitment to truly evidence-based guidelines and state-of-the-art technology, we are committed to being leaders for musculoskeletal, evidence-based medicine and the systematic solution for this increasingly complex area.”

ACOEM’s Practice Guidelines and Reed Group’s return-to-work duration guidelines are the gold standard in the effective treatment of, and recovery from, occupational injuries and illnesses.

Both sets of guidelines are evidence-based and physician-reviewed to ensure they reflect the latest research and clinical thinking on best practices for returning employees to work from disabling medical conditions.

The guidelines are used by medical clinicians, case managers, claims professionals and employers worldwide to ensure consistent care, proper reimbursement and maximum productivity.