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Happy July 1 – the effective date for an additional two weeks of California Paid Family Leave (CA PFL)!

As most of you will know, the CA PFL benefit entitlement has increased from six to eight weeks (as we wrote about here). Importantly, the additional two weeks of CA PFL entitlement applies only to claims/leaves that begin on or after July 1, 2020. In other words, if an employee began a leave prior to July 1, 2020, he or she will only get the 6 weeks of CA PFL within the 12-month period, even for absences that occur after July 1. This applies to both continuous and intermittent leaves.

Here are some Q&As published by the CA EDD:

No, if you file any Paid Family Leave claim before July 1, 2020, you would only be eligible for a total of six weeks of benefits.

No. Your child’s date of birth does not determine whether you are eligible for up to eight weeks of benefits. Paid Family Leave (PFL) claim benefit eligibility is based on your claim start date.

For example, if your baby is born on May 1, 2020, you may request that your PFL baby bonding claim begin on or after July 1, 2020, to be eligible for the eight weeks of benefits.

Yes, you should wait until July 1, 2020, to receive the eight weeks. If you file your claim before July 1, 2020, you will only be eligible to a total of six weeks of benefits.

Additional information may be accessed through the California EDD PFL website. Is your team having trouble keeping up with changes to leave laws? Learn more about ReedGroup’s absence management solutions for large employers here.


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