Exercise & Anxiety, Research Brief

We are kicking off a new series to present our own research and the work of other leading scientists in the field in Research Briefs. Each quarter we will dive into a different topic. Here at MDGuidelines we know that research is key to fine tuning care for patients and clients so they can return to their regular lives quickly and safely.

Integrated Evidence-Based Decision Tools within an EHR

The healthcare industry recognizes the critical role that evidence-based medicine plays in improving health outcomes and lowering costs. In this presentation at HIMSS18, Kaiser Permanente’s integration of MDGuidelines tools at the point-of-care are discussed. In addition, results are presented on tool usage and improved patient outcomes.

2017 DMEC FMLA/ADA Employer Compliance Conference

“The Post-Election Future of Absence Management” by Kevin Curry, ReedGroup, April 1 2017 – Kevin Curry, National Practice Leader presented on policy changes and predictions relating to key absence management focus areas at the DMEC FMLA/ADA Employer Compliance Conference in Minneapolis. Curry’s presentation helped employers wade through potential policy changes at a state and federal level. 

Measuring Medical and Pharmaceutical Costs Along the Disability Continuum

“The Missing Link: Measuring Medical and Pharmaceutical Costs Along the Disability Continuum” by Kevin Curry, Fraser Gaspar, Katie Zaidel and Kaiser Permanente’s Martha Garcia, March 28, 2017. Research findings and methodology from a 10-month study revealing that companies can save approximately $6 billion a year in “avoidable medical costs” associated with disability claims, pointing to dramatic cost savings for employers, payers and providers.