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What California and Illinois Have in Common – Employers Will Want to Know

Some interesting trivia about California and Illinois: It is 22% more expensive to live in California than Illinois. California was the birthplace of the internet, but Illinois was the birthplace of McDonald’s. What do they have in common? Well, they each just had some changes to leave law legislation that employers should know about. California … Continued

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New Jersey Expands Earned Sick Leave and Temporary Disability Benefits Laws To Clarify Coronavirus-Related Eligibility

On March 25, 2020, the Governor of New Jersey signed into law legislation expanding the state’s existing Earned Sick Leave Law and Temporary Disability Benefits Law, to cover additional leaves of absence necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Generally, the legislation amends the laws to define employee eligibility for paid leave benefits during times when the … Continued

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New Jersey’s Family Leave Insurance Poster Updated

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development issued an updated Family Leave Insurance poster to reflect recent amendments made to the state’s leave laws. As described in our blog post on the New Jersey amendments, significant changes were implemented, including but not limited to: Expansion of the definition of covered family members for … Continued

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New Jersey Governor Conditionally Vetoes Three Bills

Last month, we updated you on the status of summer legislative activities, including three pending bills in New Jersey. Governor Phil Murphy has issued conditional vetoes for all three, citing concerns about the infrastructure to support them. In New Jersey, a conditional veto is one in which the Governor objects to parts of a bill … Continued

San Francisco Tightens up its Paid Parental Leave Ordinance

San Francisco made history in April when it passed the first city-mandated full paid parental leave ordinance. The law provided for 6 weeks of topped off benefits for employees bonding with a child during the first year after birth, adoption, or foster placement of a minor child. When a San Francisco employee receives California Paid … Continued

News You Can Use: State and Federal Paid Sick Leave

By: Compliance Team President Obama Makes State and Federal Paid Sick Leave a Priority: Paid sick leave isn’t a new concept –states and localities have been muddling through this topic for years. ReedGroup has blogged about it many times over the last few years.  Since San Francisco broke ground in 2006 as the first municipality … Continued