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Managing employee absences with manual tracking or a patchwork of digital tools often leads to missed deadlines, confusing standards, dissatisfied employees, legal risk, and unhappy executive teams. However, it can be difficult for HR leaders to communicate the benefits of absence management software. Here are three talking points you can use to make the case for absence management software. 

  • We could understand where there are opportunities to reduce the cost of employee absence and see shorter durations for some leave types…if we could understand our data.” Good absence management software provides a dashboard with updates for accurate insights into your data. Understanding the causes of absence, and patterns within your organization, gives your HR team the information they need to better manage absence. 
  • “Doing a better job tracking and managing absences will help improve employee satisfaction – and we want our people to come back to work.” Timely, consistent execution for all absence types ensures a better experience for employees and HR managers alike. The more complex the request (workplace accommodations, intermittent leaves), the more difficult it is for HR teams to correctly administer leaves of absence. The right software solution makes these tasks much easier to track and execute. 
  • “We want to remain compliant with the law.” Managing employee leaves of absence and remaining compliant with state and federal law is challenging, especially for large organizations with multiple locations. The right tools support consistent absence management, regardless of where the affected employees live and report to work. 

You can help your organization mitigate risks in productivity and ensure positive health outcomes and employee experiences with the right software solution. Try using the talking points above to help make the case for absence management software. 


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