Reed Group recently commissioned a white paper which provides a comparison of documented evidence behind our disability duration and treatment guidelines product, MDGuidelines®, and other guidelines products within the marketplace. We think this white paper will be of interest to you because, as you know, establishing transparency is the very first standard for developing trustworthy clinical practice guidelines.¹

MDGuidelines provides a more reliable and scientifically based foundation for making vital productivity and treatment decisions. I’d like to call your attention to three key points addressed in the paper:

Data Integrity
MDGuidelines is built on clearly defined data for physiological recovery guidelines and medical evidence for treatment recommendations.

Transparent Methodology
MDGuidelines is backed by fully transparent and rigorous methodology, supported by significant clinical expertise.

Trusted Foundation for Decision Making
MDGuidelines provides a reliable and scientifically-based foundation for making vital productivity and treatment decisions.

Click here for a downloadable version of the white paper: MDGuidelines® and ODG®: Analysis of the Evidence Behind Evidence-Based Return-To-Work and Treatment Guidelines. If you have any questions or comments relating to this white paper, we welcome your thoughts and feedback.

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