OR Paid Family and Medical Leave

Are you interested in paid family leave legislation? Got time to analyze draft legislative language? The Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance team in Oregon is busy seeking public feedback on proposed draft administrative rules which describe how the Employment Department (Department) will administer its Paid Family and Leave Insurance program (ORPFMLI).

Beginning January 2023, qualified employees in Oregon will be eligible for insurance benefits when needing time away from work due to their own health condition, to care for a family member with a health condition, or to bond with a new child. Through the state, employers are expected to begin taking tax contributions beginning in January 2022. During the ramp up to benefits, the Department is working quickly to establish rules and procedures required to insure this program’s operations.

Topics In Round 2 Proposal

The Department has proposed its second round of draft administrative rules, which cover the following topics:

  • Method to Count Employees and Determine Employer Size
  • Contribution Rate Period
  • Maximum Employee Wages
  • Serious Health Condition Definition
  • Verification of Serious Health Condition
  • Health Care Provider Definition
  • Verification of Safe Leave
  • Employer Equivalent Plans Application Requirements and Effective Date
  • Employer equivalent Plans Definitions and Requirements
  • Employer Equivalent Plans Use of the Other Paid Leave Benefits

Next Steps

Employers, leave administrators, insurers, healthcare providers, and employees should review the proposed administrative rules and determine whether they want to submit feedback: https://www.oregon.gov/employ/PFMLI/Pages/PFMLI-Administrative-Rules.aspx.

Beginning January 4th and continuing for the subsequent four weeks, the draft regulations are open for public comment here. The Department anticipates continuing to share rules for public comment throughout the next several months. The culmination of formal rulemaking will come in late 2021. Members of the public wishing to stay up-to-date on the latest on ORPFMLI developments should subscribe here.

What ReedGroup Is Doing

ReedGroup is reviewing the proposed revisions and will submit comments based on our expertise in leave administration and feedback from our clients. If you’re a current client, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager to provide feedback.

If you’re looking for assistance managing claims or to ensure compliance across your organization, ReedGroup has solutions for you. Check out our offerings here.


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