By Marti Cardi, Chief Compliance Officer, and Megan Holstein, Senior Counsel, Compliance and Employment Law

On June 13th, Reed Group, Ltd.’s Chief Compliance Officer, Marti Cardi, and Senior Counsel, Compliance and Employment Law, Megan Holstein, presented a webinar to over 150 DMEC attendees regarding the current landscape of state leave of absence laws. The presentation can be viewed here.

Ms. Cardi and Ms. Holstein discussed the complexity of overlapping leave management issues, including the overlap of federal and state law and employer’s time off benefits and policies; the increase in the number and types of state leave laws and the lack of consistency in state law leave parameters; and the odd-ball state leave reasons – such as leave to care for a sick pet!  Really? (The answer is no, it didn’t pass, but that leave reason was proposed by a Florida lawmaker!)

In the webinar Ms. Cardi and Ms. Holstein also addressed the importance of recognizing other laws’ impacts on leave of absence administration. Laws such as the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and state laws granting same sex unions all impact employee’s rights to a workplace leave of absence.

Ms. Cardi and Ms. Holstein’s presentation concluded with a discussion about what leave of absence laws are on the horizon and currently proposed in the federal and state legislatures.  Did you know that more than 145 leave laws have been introduced in 2013 and the year isn’t even half over?  Several of these proposed bills have passed, including Colorado’s Family Care Act.

Reed Group is able to navigate the choppy waters of leave of absence law, as well as stay afloat on the wave of pending legislation, by utilizing its LeaveAdvisor™ web-based reference tool.  The LeaveAdvisor™ provides accurate and easy-to-read information on the federal and 50 states’ leave of absence laws.  It also includes a pending legislation feature that tracks current, proposed legislation that, if enacted, would create or amend a leave of absence law.  For more information, visit Reed Group at or call 1-800-218-4650.

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